Fondant Balls Covered Cake

Speciality Cake

Mother's Day Cakes and Cupcakes

3D Cakes

Sam's Cake Factory inspired Cake

Made by Doll Cake Bakers - Hyderabad 

Sweet Treats - Hyderabad inspired Cake

made by Doll Cake Bakers - Hyderabad

Rolled Fondant Cakes

Life History Birthday Cake

Stencil Work on Cupcakes and Cake

with Royal Icing, Gel and Spray Colors

Modelling Chocolate Decorations

Cupcakes in Printed Cases

Checkerboard Cake

A new twist inside! Each slice cuts into a checkerboard pattern! 

Available in different colors and flavors! 

Chocolate Roses

 These gorgeous Roses are totally edible, made with Chocolate Clay/Modelling Chocolate. Tastes better than fondant and you won't stop eating these!

Available in Milk, White and Dark Chocolate and Colors Shown!

 Sweet and Salty Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles

Outside Sweet Dark Chocolate! Inside Salty, Crunchy Peanut Butter Filling!  

Topped with a variety of Sprinkles!

Chocolate Garnishings

Taking a step ahead with these delicious Chocolate Garnishings! 

All handmade and homemade! Available in White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies 

 Crispy, Crunchy, filled with Chocolate Chips and can be complimented with different nuts! Each cookie has 4" - 4.5" diameter!

Shaped Cupcakes

 Got bored of round cupcakes? Try our shaped cupcakes and WOW anyone!


 We offer only 1 size of cupcakes and that is LARGE! Each serves and satisfies 1 easily!

Doll Cakes

 Doll Cakes - Our Speciality! The first type of cake that we introduced in Hyderabad and astonished everyone! A perfect choice for any Girl's Birthday party!

Fondant Cakes and Decorations 

Fondant - A sugar dough that is edible and used for most of the decorations on cake! Now we serve Fondant covered Cakes too!

We are very happy to introduce this for the First Time in Hyderabad! Tastes like marshmallow! 

Gum Paste Decorations

Gum Paste - another type of edible Sugar dough, tastes better than fondant but dries hard! Best for making decorations! 

 Other Cakes

We make simple to complicated cakes! You can choose from our gallery or order your Idea! 

 Tier Cakes

Tier Cakes - Stacked Cakes - or as some people call these Step Cakes!

 No one can resist these!

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