A Poem for all the Girls!

A girl's best friend,

Is no one but a doll,

With which she used to play,

When she couldn't even crawl.

She dresses it up,

Each and everyday,

With matching ribbons and bows,

And earrings and bracelets.

At tea-time with doll,

She shares her cakes,

Cookies and biscuits,

That her mother bakes.

With only her doll,

She shares her stuff,

Even if the sister asks for something,

She shouts, "Don't you have enough?!"

Years and years pass,

She does not forget her doll,

She keeps it somewhere safe,

From the sights of all.

Her so many memories,

Stick with it,

Either the doll is in one piece,

Or broken in bits.

So celebrate her day,

With a friend from her past,

By gifting a DOLL CAKE,

Forever in her memories it will last!

By: R. Atta

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